Harlyn Gems And Jewellery - Bad service and very rude

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The necklace broken into 2 within 1 month.I went back to the store to ask them to have a look why the product so easily broken.

But the sales girl never say a single word and never look at me even thought i repeating my question to her. She just continue to weight the necklace and tell me I need to pay for the repair fee. I said what? Within a month the necklace broken you ain't explain anything to me but just tell me to pay for the repair fee?

Again I ask her why I should pay for the repair fee as the product so easily broken? She kept quite and never answer me and never look at me as well but she pretend busy and wanted to serve another customer.At the meantime, her colleague "Mitchell Ong" - Senior Sales Executive approach us and ask me to go to another corner to settle the problem. Again she never listen to me, just doing whatever she need to do, calculate how long I had purchased the necklace and wanted to write down on order bill.I admit my raise up my voice because I am so angry as both of them ignore my question and never give me a good answer.She neither reduce her voice as well and kept on saying I have made a small matter to a big riot and she is here to solve problem not to argue. At the end she even insulted me said that I had made the situation worse because of a few dollar of repair fee.

I was very disappointed as she never solve the problem but made the situation worse. I was here not because of the a few dollar of repair fee. I was here for a reasonable answer why your product so easily broken? and your company should responsible for such product and hope that you improve your product quality?

If your company kept on selling low quality of product and made your customer need to come back every time to repair, do you think that your company have a good reputation?She raised her voice and throw me the order bill booket asked me to write down my name, then she walk away never say a single word. I was waiting there, and then after a while she saw me and look at me with expression why I still here.. Of course I was waiting, she never told me when to collect back my necklace and thing had settled.. Is this the way she solve problem?

She gave a style like every arrogant and wanted to solve problem but in the end she made the whole situation worse. She never apologies as well.This was the worse customer service I had made. And it also proved that before a product sold they gave 100% good service..

After payment had made they turned to become another person.Lastly, those who visit Jurong Points in Singapore and wish to buy jewellery please don't visit this shop HARLYN GEMS & JEWELLERY

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